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Depending on your requirements, our wellness days are specially adapted to fit your company’s environment and culture to ensure that the best results are achieved. We work with you to create a positive climate of fun and camaraderie and help employees to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. The net result is an engaged and productive workforce who performs at a higher level and we offer a variety of health checks. 

Each employee receives a results and information booklet. Companies are provided with a detailed, deidentified report of the current health risks faced by their workforce, providing the opportunity to measure subsequent improvements and develop tailored health initiatives such as nutrition & weight management, sleep & fatigue education and physical exercise.

THE GREENWATER HEALTH AND WELLNESS TRAINING We provide a range of once off talks and workshops that range from one hour to one day, as well as our one-ofa-kind 3 month wellness challenges. Each workshop is designed to take the individual/team through a series of behaviour change interventions with the aim of enabling them to make healthy choices for improved concentration, health and quality of life.


 For as little as R12 pp, you can connect your employees with the best health and wellness services. Our Wellness products encompass a large spectrum of services, including wellness coaching, nurse on-site, on-site health screenings, legal assistance, trauma and financial counselling, and more. These services are meant to help workers achieve better work-life balance, learn strategies and tools to succeed, and learn other skills to develop holistic sense of wellbeing.


THE GREENWATER COMPANY HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT The data obtained from the health checks conducted on site is immediately entered into a specialised secure database. This software creates a permanent and evolving record of employees’ results, offering an opportunity for monitoring and measurement of changes in either the individual or population as a whole over time. This is used to calculate quantifiable Return on Investment. This is a massage offering is composed of neck, shoulder, hand and back massage. The massage session is 20 minutes.


Personalised medical and wellness consulting at our assessment center for the executives, including full body pathology, GP and more. We endeavour to make this product most convenient to the client.